Cable Lay Vessel Modifications

Cable Lay Vessel Modifications – Vessel was classed under DNV. Scope of delivery was detailed engineering (structure and outfitting part).


Vessel was classed under DNV. Scope of delivery was detailed engineering (structure and outfitting part).


  • 3D modelling
  • plate and profile nesting
  • workshop drawings
  • specifications
  • curved plate templates and jigs
  • Class drawings were initiatied by client design office but not completed.  Drawings were completed and Basic Design was fully delivered

One of the main problems in structure engineering was that a very complex appendages were added aft to serve as a support of the
cable laying rollers. These appendages (roller guides, fenders) were built from a thick plates (30-40 mm), and were highly curved structures.
These structures were very demanding for shipyard production and, in addition to out 3D computer work, we built small 1:20 plywood 3D jigs showing how inner appendages structure parts were

Another complex part was existing double bottom structure and how to redesign this area into a cable storage circular tanks.
As shipyard realized, during the work, that the subject reconstruction has been more complex than estimated (also including
higher cost for them), we helped by designing structures that would exploit all possible means to reduce real reconstruction cost and time.

A further problem was that shipayrd had not cut complex plate, before this project.  As a result we prepared and tested a postprocessor program adequate for yard cutting machine.

B. OUTFITTING DETAILED ENGINEERING (outfitting equipment workshop drawings with material specification)
This reconstruction required many outfitting drawings for a proper yard work. A large number of equipment arrangements
were required, too.
Our outfitting detailed drawings were prepared for u number of added equipment items:

  • lashing equipment
  • hull marks,
  • fire insulation,
  • stores equipment,
  • ladders in and outside cable tanks,
  • stairs, doors,
  • masts with equipment,
  • hatches
  • anchoring/mooring equipment details
  • life saving equipment, etc.

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